The security of your front door is the security of your home thus the level of attention you give to it tells how important your home is to you and how important your safety is to. It is important you keep searching for ways to make sure your home is secure and the methods you use are effective to that effect.

Here are some of the ways to improve your front door security.



This is obviously the first thing you should do when you aim to improve your home security. Some locks are better than others and you make to make sure to get a lock that will withstand pressure and also a lock that will withstand any other techniques which any person looking to break into your home would bring along. Locks you should aim to get should have specific characteristics like solid and hard, made of steel or any other durable material, hidden sets of screws, and lastly, it should feature an added layer of security. You should also get cylindrical guards. The cylindrical guards should be used around your locks to protect them from people who just destroy the lock.


Many people are strong enough to use their hands and break a glass especially when they have thick clothed around it. If a glass is on the door then it could be a problem because breaking the glass could mean access into the house or breaking the glass could mean access to the doorknob from inside, if either of this is the case, it still spells disaster. Many front doors are also very close to windows and some in lengths in which the hands can have access to the door. In increasing your front door security you should make sure all these lapses and loopholes are fixed to keep your house safe. If you have a glass window, make sure it has a burglary proof and the same goes for the doors.



This is usually in extreme cases though but it can also be useful if you really are interested in keeping yourself and your loved ones and generally your home extra safe. This act carries out two things, it gives you the ability to identify a burglar it there’s one and it also helps you see them coming and gives you time to know what to do. One key thing in using CCTV surveillance is making sure the camera is faced the right way, in the right direction to identify who needs to be identified. One good place to start is right on top of the front door facing downwards. You can have someone from the inside tell you when it’s perfect as you set.



Some door frames are so weak, all it takes is a leg hit and it is destroyed. In increasing your front door security, you need to make sure you have a good and very strong door frame that can withstand force and tension at a very high rate. Also, make sure the door is completely solid and does not consist of hollows and spaces in between.












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