The world’s population is growing and on a geometric basis too and this meant that man had to find faster ways to make sure they were able to survive. Unfortunately this did not align with going natural because most natural occurrences take time. As time passed, people started losing love and reference to natural occurrences and methods and they started searching for and creating other methods to have needs met. Over the years man started suffering the repercussions of leaving nature behind as life got shortened and more problems developed. Now many are going back to having w more natural life and most people have adopted the eco friendly mantra.

Some people want the eco friendly living and working  spaces to be showcased in all aspects of their lives and not just their homes and feeding so they take it to their workplace also. This activities used to be like a taboo and now everyone wants to have an eco friendly life. If you are looking for some ways to clear out your old workplace junk transfer your eco friendly lifestyle into you work and make your office eco friendly, here are some of the 7 Fantastic Ways to do that


1. Do not keep paper around. Print only when necessary.

You wouldn’t be needing to do much printing anymore and as time goes own we might just need to do none. Whatever you want to deliver to anyone you can send it directly to them from your computer anywhere they are. You should only print if the other person requires it and of course they should be in a higher position than you are and you would be able to say no. If you haven’t gotten the reason for this point yet already, then here it is. Papers are made from trees and you using so much of papers is you making sure the paper market grows and you might think you as a person, alone would not really be able to influence the whole paper market but trust me, you can do more than you think. For just you alone, do you know how many trees have been killed?

2. Find shorter routes

There is always a shorter route and you just don’t know it yet. Fuel releases carbon and this does harm to the ozone layer causing a number of harmful repercussion to green life and to humans. You can protect that if you minimize your use of fuel by finding a shorter route home.

3. Show yourself to the world from your office

This is very important. You need not to be shy about being a fan of an eco friendly life and you must show that by having an eco friendly office and one way to do that is to make sure you have some live plants in your office where everyone can see them. You can inspire someone or better still inspire people.

4. Don’t use your computer unnecessarily

Computers and electronics in general use some of power and all power come from natural sources. You can minimize the use of power by turning of your computer if they are not in use.

5. Form a group or team

This could be demanding but it could be one of the top groups in the world of done right. Start from your office an put together people who have the same goal or dream of having an eco friendly life.

6. Reduce, reuse and recycle.

Do not always go for new and throw away the old stuff, learn the art of recycle. Understand that nothing is totally useless. Reduce the amount of garbage by making sure to limit what you throw away and reuse as much as you can, then recycle.

7. Avoid chemicals and toxic substances

Chemicals, although most are gotten from natural sources are antagonistic to the natural environment. Avoid chemicals at all cost and this includes foods, clothes as other materials.


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