Research shows that over 35 million men and 21 million women in the U.S suffer from different types of hair loss. Androgenic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness, is a common hair loss condition in men. According to NLM, 50% of all men above the age of 50 will suffer from some form of androgenic alopecia. 

Although hair loss is a significant problem in the U.S and other countries, advanced technology has to the development of different techniques, including the use of PEP factors in hair replacement treatment. PEP factor is an advanced technological solution that helps rejuvenate the scalp and treats up to stage-5 hair loss. 

What is the PEP Factor? 

PEP factor is a safe hair replacement system that can treat up to stage-5 hair loss. It combines copper peptide and bioidentical growth factors. PEP factors activate dormant follicles and allow them to grow hair. 

The copper peptide in PEP factors increases follicle size, release natural growth factors, and stem cells. PEP factors have excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. PEP factors bind to cell surface receptors and activate cellular proliferation, creating signaling between cells that eventually leads to hair growth. 

Benefits of PEP Factors in Hair Replacement 

There are many benefits of PEP factors in hair replacement treatment. For instance, it minimizes scarring, reduces skin trauma or inflammation, increases intercellular peptide chemical messages, and activates immune cells.

Research by companies offering Hair Treatment in New York such as The Hebe Spa shows that collagen protein plays a key role in skin structure and strength. The human skin has 80% of collagen, but as you age, collagen reduces in the skin cells, leading to different problems, including hair loss. 

PEP Factors can also stimulate the body to produce its own natural collagen to improve scalp and hair health. Thus, it plays a key role in hair regeneration. It also minimizes pores and helps treat scarring. 

The active ingredients of these growth factors allow for a healthier and stronger scalp and hair. Studies show that people see improvements within a few weeks from their PEP factor hair replacement treatment. 

It is a safe and effective method that does not produce any side effects. The procedure requires the health professional or dermatologists to clean the scalp with an anti-bacterial cleanser and start the micro-needling process. 

The professional creates micro-channels in the scalp with a tiny needle. The purpose is to activate the natural wound healing response and increase collagen and elastin production. In simple words, the micro-needling process allows the scalp to infuse the PEP factors and Copper peptide. 

Unlike other hair replacement treatments, micro-needling with PEP factors insertion does not destroy healthy tissues. Instead, it triggers the body’s own mechanism to produce natural collagen and elastin to promote hair growth. 

Another benefit of using the PEP factor in hair replacement treatment is that the micropores created in the scalp close quickly, making it a minimally invasive procedure for the epidermis layer. It is a safe, effective, and reliable method that does not cause any side effects. Instead, it promotes collagen/elastin production and induces fast healing. 

Final Words 

Collagen is an important protein for scalp rejuvenation and hair regrowth. Generally, the cells and tissues in your body take time to produce collagen, and the process is usually reduced with aging. 

On the other hand, hair replacement treatment that uses PEP factors stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin. PEP factors rejuvenate follicles, increase their size, and trigger hair growth. Lastly, it is a safe, reliable, and affordable method than other hair replacement techniques. 


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