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Cats and dogs: A new obsession in retail fashion

Fashion sees changes every now and then. While some like it trendy or whacky, others may like it weird. This means, fashion sets no rules for any one. You must have noticed people wearing awkward color jeans with equally awkward looking shirt; it looks so to us, however, for the ones sporting them, it is comfortable and fashionable. So many people do not have a mainstream style of dress up, but they carry their style with confidence, and some do not fail to go unnoticed too.

Animal clothing has taken fashion to another level. The hype around it is increasing each passing day. Young people find it trendy and in accordance with their mood. We are talking about the pet lovers in particular. Those who love cats and dogs, relate to such clothing too well. If you are in a mushy mood today, you might as well try wearing a fur upper or a fur jacket and keep meowing around. But, if you are in a mood to snooze all day, sitting in the cozy corner of your house, sport a dog print shirt. It is truly about how you feel.

You might fringe looking at your own wardrobe someday, but, the animal lover you are, you will still shop the same stuff again. As a personal choice, I would not mind buying a couple of baggie style uppers with cat print on them, and I found these great cat clothes for humans here on the net. However, just a couple would satiate my love for them, for one must try it for its newness and feel.

No style is a style unless you carry it with gusto. The new animal clothing obsession in the field of fashion will surely stay for a while, since it has made rebellion a tad cute.…