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Are Weight Loss Supplements Worth The Money?

Here is what I was up to!

I wrote a blog on healthy living and to know exactly what people around the world felt, I mean my readers around the world felt, I came up with this survey on my blog itself asking them a couple of questions about their lifestyle and their food habits.

Of course, the motive was different:

I did not want to reveal to my subjects. The reason was that I wanted the answers straight and not the ones that were deliberated upon. My next set of questions ranged from if they have ever bought any weight loss products and the place where they preferred buying such things.

The final set of questions was whether they were satisfied with the results of the weight loss supplements that they bought. Is there anything wanting in it or was it even worth all their money?

The results astounded me!

No, the answers were definitely not predictable but I found a lot of women taking the survey than the men. The women were also more forthcoming with their answers and experiences and I found the men a little albeit not all of them quite hesitant about coming out with their side of the story.’

So, what did the survey reveal?

Three-fourths of the women who tried the weight loss supplements have only bought them from stores; actual stores or from friends who have picked up franchises of the weight loss supplements. Only one-fourth of the women bought them online and they had nothing much to say except that it was more convenient given the station of life they were in.

Almost all of them sans a couple of them and both men said that they were satisfied with the result that the supplements gave and they were regularly buying more of the same stuff. Eye-opening? You can read this post for more info. Here is the link!…