Labour day for many gives you a long weekend where you can easily find yourself doing basically nothing. If you are still looking out for activities you can do over the labour day weekend. Keep on reading

Visit the LA country fair

This is a country fair where you can easily enjoy you day in the most enjoyable way possible. Every year there is a theme and generally everything seems to revolve around he theme from games, food and clothes. You can check out architecture regarding the theme and learn more about everything.

See a Cool museum

This might seem boring to most but when it comes to finding out things to do over the labour day weekend this is one of the best thing you can do. Invite your friends get dressed and go out learning about things you are curious about. You can also be prepared for the what you are going to see and also prepare a trivia which can make the whole scene even more entertaining.

Eat lots of ice cream

Summer is here and what better way to spend the evening than ice cream. Get out of you house and get some ice cream and just tour the whole city by yourself. This can give you the right time to find peace and is one of the best ways to unwind.

Take yourself out


Want someone to take you out, try to take yourself out. Get dressed in the most beautiful gown you own and go out for anything you like. A fancy meal, some drinks or just a game, do what you like best and make sure that you have everything you need like you would on a date.

A movie outdoor

Try to get out of the house should be your mantra over this long weekend. Try to go out on an outdoor movies and screen scheduling. This can make you get out of the bed and also help refresh your mood. Watch something nice which you would enjoy alone or with friends. This can help keep your minds free for the most part.

Taste different types of food

Another great way to spend the long weekend is to enjoy a good meal. Try to go out alone or with a group and make sure that you try some new type of cuisine. This can help you be a little more adventurous with food as well as help you grab a quick bite before you plan on doing something even more adventurous or just go for movies. Try to be aware of what is in the food as well, especially when you have to deal with allergies.


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