Few years ago, we were not much bothered about convenience, safety and security. The idea of home automation was limited to some science fictions and no one took them seriously. But with increasing cases of attacks and security vulnerabilities; the home automation techniques have become prime needs of the human life.

Today, technology has presented many amazing solutions for home automation. It is now possible to improve comfort and luxuries at the same time with advanced home automation techniques. Below we have highlighted the latest trends in this field of home automation so that you can decide the best solution for your premises in Houston:

Trend 1: Digital Security Systems:

Data security and privacy has been a matter of concern for most of the people around the world. The new age smart home systems are expected to provide reliable solution to meet stringent security standards and regulations. The Z-Wave Alliance recently introduced an advanced certification program according to which all manufacturers are required to maintain strongest security mechanisms for the home automation system development.

Trend 2: Voice Control is need of the hour:

Another important method for advanced home automation systems is voice-activated technology. Many big brands these days are making efforts to design feature rich systems that can be controlled through voice; it is even possible to establish connection via third party apps and devices. It offers a natural way of controlling things around and seems more useful to the handicapped and elderly people. They can easily control the locks, lights, and HVAC systems in the premises by simply following few voice commands.

Trend 3: Green solutions for home automation:

Environment safety is the prime need of the hour to deal with the present scenario at Houston. The latest home automation trends are more concerned about how to protect the environment while reducing consumption of natural resources. The green home and connected homes have now become synonyms and people are looking for more energy efficient systems to ease their lifestyle. The advanced systems that are coupled with motion sensors help to save energy by almost 20 to 60%.

Trend 4: Adaptive learning-based home automation:

Adaptive learning is completely based on the customized automated systems; they keep on tracking customer behavior, patterns and moods to make finest decisions. The best example in this category is Nest thermostat that learns the temperature sensitivity of homeowners to ensure automatic system switching time to time.

Trend 5: Robots to control your home:

How can we forget to talk about robots? They are the new companions to the human beings and are expected to provide great solution for a luxurious life ahead. The new age robots are capable enough to monitor home security, carry objects between different places, and can even clean the premises. They also offer many other entertainment options such as video streaming and dancing. Some manufacturers are also designing robots for childcare, elderly assistance, and handicapped people as well.

You can pick latest home automation systems for your house in Houston and switch to a luxurious life soon.


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